Local Family Day Trips:

Westercamp Rent a Horse
Farmington, IA

Westercamp Rent a Horse in Farmington, IA offers a 2.5 hour guided forest trail ride.  The owners and trail guides are friendly, knowledgeable and take the time to assess riding ability/level in order to pair you with one of their well cared for horses that best suits you and your riding experience.  The horses at Westercamp Rent a Horse know the trail well and take care of their rider.  The trail is scenic and peaceful, especially in the Fall when the weather is cooler and the trees are changing color. You will take the trail for about an hour to a rest stop in a neighboring State Park, dismount and enjoy a small snack before hitting the trail once more to return home.  You’ll see open spaces, possibly some wildlife, small streams and a lovely view of Autumn at its best “between the ears.”  It’s a wonderful experience for the whole family, and our family has made this a yearly tradition to do in the Fall to get out into nature, slow down and destress. Happy riding!