Helpful Ways to Treat Ouchies & Boo-Boos

What happened to the concept of magical kisses fix everything?  That went away when tiny humans no longer drink from the water hose or play outside until the light poles come on.  One thing is for sure: I should have bought a stock or two in Band-Aid with the amount we go through daily.

As parents or guardians, life tends to run in the fast lane, and often, we figure it out as we go with what we have handy. Here are a few first-aid hacks to treat Ouchy’s and Boo Boo’s for those moments that catch us off guard.

Mini-Marshmallow Ouchy Pads

Put mini marshmallows in a small Ziploc bag and place them in the freezer.  They are lightweight, don’t hold too much cold, and make the perfect Ouchy pads.  Bonus: My tiny humans love to eat a couple out of the bag after they are “all better!”

Band-Aid for Tiny Fingers

Do you struggle with putting a Band-Aid on tiny fingers?  Snip a slit at each end of the bandage so you can crisscross the ends for a closer, more secure fit when it’s wrapped around a finger.

Splinters Made Easy

Splinters + screaming tiny human = impossible to remove.  Not anymore.  Did you know you can use Elmer’s Glue for an excellent extraction method?  Cover the area where the splinter is with the glue and let it dry completely. Once it’s dry, peel it off slowly in the opposite direction that it went in, and voila!  The splinter will stick to the glue when you peel it off.

Boo Boo Cube

Sunburns… Ouch!  We all know that aloe vera holds its own superpower regarding ailing sunburns, but how do you get your tiny humans to buy into it?  Grab some fun-shaped ice cube trays, fill it with your favorite aloe vera gel, and freeze it.  Now you have ready-to-go boo-boo cubes!

Bug Bites Be Gone

Bug bites are the outdoor fun nemesis for us all! Here are a few tricks to help with painful side effects from those pesky little bug bites.

Bee Stings: Grab out your baking soda and make a paste using water. Then, put enough of your paste on the bite and leave it there for approximately 15 minutes.

Wasp Stings: Soak some cotton balls or cloth in vinegar (apple cider vinegar works a bit faster)

All other bug bites:

  • Rub a banana peel over bite and then leave the peel on it for a few minutes.
  • Apply a cut-up onion on the bite. Wash the area afterward (avoid if the skin is broken!)
  • Apply a slice of raw potato, rub it on the bite, and leave it on until pain is relieved.
  • Apply peppermint toothpaste like a paste and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

As parents and guardians, we aren’t gifted with a “How-to” book when tiny humans come into our lives.  We are expected to find it within and figure it out as we go.  Remember, we will fall sometimes and get our own “Boo Boo’s and Ouchy’s,” but getting back up and trying again makes YOU a great parent/guardian!

Submitted by Sarah Nolinwinkler